Coding After Work

Coding After Work started out as a code intensive user group back in 2012 in Stockholm Sweden. Nowadays we are found on Twitch and YouTube as well. We stream weekly on Twitch with live coding, guest lectures or chats. Since both hosts are public speakers they meet a lot of awesome people at conferences and the podcast started out as a way of sharing some of those meetings and discussions with an audience. We strive to create a safe space regardless of your background, gender, age or experience. We are all here for our love of code!


Jimmy and Jessica are both Windows Development MVPs and public speakers and trainers. They organize user groups, hackathons and conferences together and also speak at various conferences all around the world.

Jessica Engstrom

Jessica has been part of the developer community for many years, she organizes conferences like .NET Front End Day & Swetugg but also events, hackathons and runs multiple user groups. Adapting technology to humans is something that she thinks is important and that is why UX as well as presentation skills is her main focus.

Jimmy Engstrom

Jimmy has been developing ever since he was 7 years old and got his first computer. He loves to be on the cutting edge of technology, trying new things. When he got wind of Blazor, he immediately realized the potential and adopted it already when it was in beta. He has been running Blazor in production since it was launched by Microsoft. He is the author of "Web Development with Blazor" and the co-host of Coding After Work (podcast and stream). His passion for the .NET industry and community has taken him around the world, speaking about development. Microsoft has recognized this passion by awarding him the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award 8 years in a row. He occasionally blogs at
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