Keynotes, Extensions, and C# Dev kit with Leslie Richardson

Leslie gives Jimmy and Jessica a behind the scenes look at keynotes. We talk about teleprompters and backups. We dive into the C# Dev Kit and even more extensions with VisualStudio.Extensibility.

Leslie is a product manager on the .NET / C# Developer Experience team and the host of the VS Toolbox show on YouTube, Twitch, and LearnTV. She is focused on improving productivity and the C# and Razor spaces across VS and VS Code, including helping develop and release the new C# Dev Kit productivity extension in VS Code. Leslie also worked on the Visual Studio team, developing and enhancing extensibility and debugging features. She helped improve the overall extensibility experience in Visual Studio while helping to create VisualStudio.Extensibility, a simpler, out-of-proc extensibility API. She also worked on the Visual Studio debugging team, where she debugged developers’ problems by designing new debugging tools, such as Pinnable Properties, and improving existing ones, such as the Parallel Stacks window.




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