Build connected things with Meadow and C# with Jorge Ramirez & Bryan Costanich

Did you know that in just a few years there will be 10x as many non-mobile connected things on the planet as humans? And today, the global IoT market, including hardware and services is nearly $1T. IoT is the quiet revolution in technology today, and it’s bigger than anything that’s come before it; yet so many people are locked out of it because of the advanced embedded skillset needed to build hardware solutions today. What if you could use your existing C# .NET developer skills to rapidly build hardware solutions?

Join Bryan Costanich and Jorge Ramirez for this amazing demo where you’ll learn how easy you can make IoT solutions with your existing .NET skills with a Meadow F7 board. Meadow is a complete, IoT platform with defense-grade security that runs full .NET applications on embeddable microcontrollers.
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