Building "Next Tech Event" using Blazor and RavenDB Part 3 (Handling forms, Blazm Grid component)

Part 3 of our new project "NextTechEvent", a site that will help speakers, organizers, and attendees find their next tech event.

We will use Blazor Server, RavenDB, and GitHub.

Handling latency (long load times), implementing Blazm, the return of Bootstrap, and how to handle forms.

00:00:00 Welcome
00:04:30 Looking at the project
00:07:45 A look at .NET MAUI
00:13:00 Handling latency by adding Blazm
00:29:30 Adding Spinkit for the progress indicator
00:49:30 Adding a way to manually add a conference

The source is available here:


Progress Telerik has some amazing Blazor UI Components, if you are working with Blazor you should check them out!

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