Fixing Colors & Implementing Geographical Search in 'Next Tech Event' w Blazor & RavenDB | Part 20

Embark on Part 20 of our exciting project, "NextTechEvent", the ultimate platform connecting speakers, organizers, and attendees with their next tech event.

In this episode, we dive into an exciting feature – geographical search! Discover how we started implementing this dynamic feature to enhance user experience. Also, we fine-tune the color scheme for a more visually appealing interface.

Grab the source code on GitHub:

0:00 - Finally got sound working
4:30 - Here is something I did earlier
6:40 - Raided by CsharpFritz
1:02:00 - Implementing Geographical search

A huge thanks to Progress Telerik for their support. They offer incredible Blazor UI Components which are indispensable for any Blazor developer. Check them out:

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