Blazor testing using bUnit - or something something testing Blazor

Egil will show us some Blazor testing magic using bUnit, an open source testing library.

Egils tests:

Progress Telerik

Egil's Bio:
Experienced software architect, developer, and Microsoft MVP, with a strong focus on creating maintainable software that solves real business problems, using techniques such as domain-driven design, test-driven development and following clean-code principles.

Polyglot full-stack developer with experience in technologies ranging from HTML, CSS, Blazor, JavaScript/TypeScript on the frontend, and C# (.NET Core), Groovy/Grains, MySql, MS SQL Server, to PL/1 and DB2 on IBM mainframes. My primary interest, and where I am most comfortable, is C# and .NET Core.

Teaching and presenting is also a passion of mine, and something I have been able to practice during my time in Netcompany, where I have taught a recurring internal courses on topics such as DDD, TDD, clean-code, and architectural patterns.

Learning and improving is an important part of my life. I am outgoing and talkative and love to solve problems together with others, and not afraid to ask a question, even at the risk of sounding stupid. I love to play with the new and shiny technologies and will try to find better solutions to problems I encounter. In my mind, good solutions are simple solutions.

I am also the creator and maintainer of multiple open source projects, including the popular testing library bUnit (
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