Adding Third Party Blazor Components with abstraction layer in 'Next Tech Event' | Part 22

Welcome to Part 22 of our "NextTechEvent" series, a platform connecting speakers, organizers, and attendees with tech events.

This episode focuses on implementing the Progress Telerik Slider and DateRangePicker through an abstraction layer. We also make minor layout improvements to enhance user experience. Stay tuned as Jimmy unboxes an exciting speaker gift from!

Grab the source code on GitHub:

0:00 - Introduction
1:30 - Unboxing ABP.IO speaker gift
3:00 - Implementing Telerik Slider and DateRangePicker

Heartfelt thanks to Progress Telerik for their continuous support. Their Blazor UI Components are a game-changer:

Originally broadcasted live on Twitch. Join us next time:

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