Refining Themes & Introducing Contextual Search in 'Next Tech Event' with Blazor & RavenDB | Part 19

Dive into Part 19 of our ongoing project, "NextTechEvent", a unique platform dedicated to connecting speakers, organizers, and attendees with the next big tech event.

In this stream, we reassess our color scheme and make significant progress in implementing the light/dark theme. Though not entirely finished, it's in a releasable state. We also introduce a contextual search function that includes speakers, attendees, and organizers. Finally, we explore our new rant mode scene, with a little help (and some fun failures) from Thindal and Jeff Fritz.

Access the source code on GitHub:

We're proud to be sponsored by Progress Telerik, provider of high-quality Blazor UI Components. If you're into Blazor, you need to check these out:

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