From ZX Spectrum to Blazor

My journey began with a ZX Spectrum, my very first computer, which sparked my passion for technology and programming. In this session, I share my personal story of developing a ZX Spectrum emulator using C#. This emulator has the versatility to run on various platforms, marking significant milestones in my life.

Although this session is largely a reflection on my personal and professional journey, I do delve into the technical aspects towards the end, discussing the challenges I encountered in integrating the emulator with Blazor WebAssembly. I also explore the considerations involved in building an emulator and highlight how the evolution of C# as a language has streamlined the development process.

ZX Spectrum, Blazor, Blazor WebAssembly, C# Programming, Emulator Development, Personal Journey, Tech Talk, Software Development, Web Development, Cross-Platform Development, Programming Languages, Technology Evolution
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