Introducing StageCoder - a Visual Studio Extension

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00:00:00 Intro
00:01:49 The PowerPointer
00:02:07 The chef
00:02:44 The Snippeteer
00:03:21 The DIY
00:03:59 The Raccoon
00:05:28 Demo!

Introducing StageCoder: the essential Visual Studio extension for developers and presenters who want to showcase their code with precision and professionalism.

StageCoder is a powerful tool that allows you to bring in code snippets one character at a time, giving you the ability to create the perfect code demo on stage. With StageCoder, you can easily highlight specific lines of code, draw attention to important parts of your code, and showcase your skills with clarity and accuracy.

Whether presenting at a conference, teaching a class, or simply sharing your code with others, StageCoder is the must-have extension for Visual Studio.
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