Keywords, Newsletter, and bUnit Test in 'Next Tech Event' | Part 25

Join us in Part 25 of "NextTechEvent", a one-stop platform for tech event enthusiasts.

In this episode, we enrich our platform by adding keywords and a newsletter feature. We also showcase the latest functionality in the Blazm Extension, including the addition of bUnit testing. To top it off, we engage in a thoughtful discussion about Tailwind, sharing what we love and what we wish were different.

Access the source code on GitHub:

00:00 Welcome
23:50 Discord implementation
32:28 Adding some new settings
55:35 Showing the new bUnit functionality nin Blazm
1:07:00 Tab vs. Spaces, we have all been fooled!
1:15:46 Bootstrap vs Tailwind rant

Special thanks to Progress Telerik for their support. They offer top-notch Blazor UI Components. Give them a look:

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